Launch of new Responsive Destination Website!

After $30,000 investment and 3 months in the making, today, Capricorn Enterprise officially launches a brand new responsive destination website which will deliver a highly visual and engaging website to better interact with users on any mobile device.

Capricorn Enterprise chief executive Mary Carroll said “our destination website has experienced great growth since its launch in May 2011 with traffic up 1,449 per cent and visits from Google organic over 3,000 per cent increase in the past four years”

“With over 48 per cent of visitors accessing our destination website on mobile devices, we have moved to a fully responsive website platform to ensure continued growth and better interaction for users”

“In the last twelve months we have received over 128,000 visitors to our destination site with our new site providing the ability to feature our fan’s social media posts to our homepage via a social media aggregator called Stackla.”

“Our top viewed pages for the last year were Accommodation, Sapphire Gemfields, Attractions and Great Keppel Island and our single largest referrer to our website in the past twelve months has been Members of Capricorn Enterprise are receiving fantastic referrals from our website, so it’s important for businesses not currently members of our organisation to get involved and avoid missing out on this and other opportunities.” she said.

Boston Consulting Group expects that 80% of internet users will be accessing the web with a mobile phone by 2016.

What is responsive?
Responsive websites are able to scale and adapt to varying screen resolutions using advanced frontend development techniques. There are now over 30 different screen resolutions we have to consider and this is compounded by both vertical and horizontal screen layouts. Responsive design caters for all of these to ensure your audience have the best user experience no matter which device they use, proven to reduce bounce rate and increase interaction and conversion for both mobile and desktop users.

The benefits of moving to responsive
· Simplify ongoing management of digital assets (one site for all devices)
· Vastly improve both web and mobile experiences for users
· Improved contemporary design in line with the latest trends
· Increase operator performance via leads and bookings online
· Reduce RTO website bounce rate thus increasing traffic and engagement
· Show leadership in the region

Mary Carroll, Chief Executive Officer, Capricorn Enterprise, Phone: 0417 669 286

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