The Magic of Byfield

Ferns Hideaway

Ferns Hideaway

A visit to Byfield is always a wonderful experience, but to stay overnight with great friends, entertained by Marto’s incredible song range really creates special memories.

Exactly eight (8) months after TC Marcia threw her full force onto this serene environment, the trees are healing with an abundance of wildlife.  But it’s not just the rainforest vegetation and pristine Waterpark creek that makes this place special.

It is the people.

The pioneers of Byfield who created a destination; John and Genevieve Martin who built Ferns Hideaway nearly thirty years ago, with the very talented Steve Bishopric and his family creating Nob Creek Pottery, which continues today with his wonderful partner Sue.

More have responded to the calling of this magical place and fulfilled their own dreams with beautiful accommodation for visitors, with others choosing to live and raise their families in this small rainforest community.

Whilst popular on the weekends, locals may not realise that Ferns Hideaway is open for morning tea and lunch on Friday, Saturday and Sunday as well as dinner on Saturday night, with accommodation available seven (7) days a week in one of four log cabins or the Bowenia Lodge which has a second bedroom and a claw foot bath.

Whether you’re camping with an open fireplace or snuggled inside a log cabin with your own private fireplace or spa bath, the pure relaxation you feel surrounded by the rainforest is well worth a stay.

Swinging on the giant tree swing makes you feel like a character out of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ while canoeing or kayaking along Waterpark Creek reveals one of the most beautiful natural waterways in the state.

Steve Bishopric - Nob Creek Pottery

Steve Bishopric – Nob Creek Pottery

The Byfield Fern which is truly unique to this place is respectfully hand-crafted by Steve and Sue onto their clay creations at Nob Creek Pottery.  On a Saturday morning you can usually find Steve at the back of his workshop doing what he loves best and making it look way too easy.

Whether you are seeking solace or want to catch up with old friends, celebrate a wedding party or a private anniversary, Byfield has something for everyone.  Whether you are a nature lover or just need some time out, it is the welcome and warm hospitality you will receive by the beautiful people of Byfield that will stay with you forever.

Until next time…..
Mary Carroll
CEO Capricorn Enterprise

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