Capricorn Resort Yeppoon Accommodation Closure

Last week, we were notified of a change in strategic direction by the owner of Capricorn Resort Yeppoon, (Iwasaki Sangyo Company), that they will suspend operations of the accommodation business effective 21st August 2016 and scale down other areas of the Resort for the purpose of future renovations. The Tsuruya Japanese restaurant and Capricorn Golf (and the club house) at the Capricorn Resort Yeppoon will continue normal operations with changes to all other facilities still being finalised.

Capricorn Enterprise understands that the Iwasaki Sangyo company is currently working through the Environment Impact Statement (EIS) process with the State Government for their proposed future re-development. Considering the thirty ($30 Million) dollars currently being injected by state and local governments into the Panorama Drive project to link the north of Yeppoon to cater for future development on and around this site, we are hopeful that any development will take place as soon as possible.

As Capricorn Resort Yeppoon has been known to visitors and tourism trade for thirty (30) years, it was critical to notify domestic and international tourism wholesalers and inbound tour operators that we have suitable accommodation and venues in Yeppoon, Great Keppel and Pumpkin islands for their client bookings. Our operators have also been pro-actively following up with their tourism contractors.

There are dedicated staff at Capricorn Resort Yeppoon who will be looking for new jobs within our tourism industry and I know of at least three accommodation operators who are currently employing for new positions, so I’m confident that some will be able to transition with minimal disruption to their lives.

Whilst this news is indeed sad for our community and those who have worked there, it is very important to acknowledge the role that the Capricorn Resort has played over many years in the employment of hundreds of people annually and injecting millions of dollars into our local and regional economy.

I, like many others have many fond memories of amazing events, functions and short breaks at the resort, and it is due to its construction, that we have double lane highways half way to Rockhampton, as well as along Farnborough road. The team at Capricorn Resort Yeppoon have won many Awards over the years and the property was the first foreign owned land in Australia, with a special Act of Parliament written to enable the freehold sale.

Capricorn Resort and the Great Keppel Island Resort in the eighties and nineties were in their prime and were the two major anchor points for the local tourism industry, but as a result, Yeppoon was passed through by many visitors.

Whilst the community is hopeful of brand new resort developments at both sites, Yeppoon in the meantime has welcomed a number of beautiful new accommodation properties and with the $50 Million re-development of the foreshore and town centre underway, Yeppoon has not yet seen its full tourism potential. Over the past decade, we have welcomed about 200 brand new accommodation rooms at Yeppoon and the Capricorn Coast, with another 250 brand new rooms built in Rockhampton.

There will be many emotions, opinions and speculation circulating our community which is a reflection of the incredibly important role that Capricorn Resort has played and we hope is yet to play.
What is important at this juncture of time is to help spread the word, that our destination remains one of the best in the country, because more visitors means more jobs!

Mary Carroll
Chief Executive Officer
Capricorn Enterprise
Capricorn Resort Yeppoon – Awards & History

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