Rookwood Weir on National Agenda

Construction of the Rookwood Weir on the Fitzroy River has been named as the ‘immediate priority’ for newly appointed Minister for Resources and Northern Australia, Matt Canavan, Senator for Queensland and qualified economist.

Considered a ‘nation building project’, with $130 Million Federal funding committed for one of our region’s Priority Projects, the construction of this major water infrastructure is not just for Rockhampton, but for Central Queensland, and will be delivered in partnership with State and Local government and the Agricultural Sector.

This Project is supported by all levels of government (Federal, State and Local), the six LGA authorities of the CQROC (Central Qld Regional Organisation of Councils), RDAFCW (Regional Development Australia Fitzroy Central West), Growing Central Queensland, Economic Development Organisations (Capricorn Enterprise, GAPDL and Central Highlands Development Corporation) and of course Business and Industry.

It has been made very clear by the voting public in Australia, that communities want our politicians at all levels to work together, void of political point scoring, to invest in major public infrastructure and projects that support the private sector in creating jobs and growth.  Central Queensland has long been the economic powerhouse of the state and nation and we are blessed with a diverse economy and exceptional lifestyle opportunities, which deserve state and national attention.

Citing mining, agriculture and tourism as critical industries for our regional, state and national economy, Minister Canavan, it seems has hit the ground running.

Queensland Resources Council CEO Michael Roche referred to Minister Canavan’s appointment as a win for the resources sector which “requires safe hands to ride through the commodities downturn and in the face of a relentless green activist campaign”.

Livingstone Shire Council Mayor Bill Ludwig referred to the elevation of Northern Australia to Cabinet at this juncture of time as an “affirmation that Regional Queensland has been looking for” and that “the Federal Government has set in train some ambitious long-term plans to empower Northern Australia and build stronger regions”.

Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry said she looks forward to continuing to work closely with her colleague for water infrastructure in Capricornia and that “it is a privilege for the region to be represented in the Commonwealth Government’s senior cabinet by such a talented and rising Minister”.

One thing is very certain, there will be many eyes watching, both inside and outside Central Queensland over the next three years, and with a state election due in just under two years, the construction of the Rookwood Weir is just one project that Business and Industry and the broader community expect can be achieved in true partnership.

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