Sydney Sales Trip

This week, Capricorn Enterprise CEO Mary Carroll is pleased to lead our annual sales trip with Tourism Trade Ready operators to sell our Southern Great Barrier Reef (SGBR) Destination to Inbound Tour Operators (ITO’s) based in Sydney.

An inbound tour operator (ITO) is an Australian based business that provides itinerary planning, product selection and coordinates the reservation, confirmation and payment of travel arrangements on behalf of their overseas clients such as wholesalers or retail travel agents.

Operators attending at their own cost to this year’s Sydney sales mission are:

  • Great Keppel Island Hideaway
  • Henderson Park Farm Retreat
  • Myella Farm Stay
  • Mercure Gladstone
  • Lady Elliot Island

 We will be presenting to major ITO’s including:

  • Pan Pacific Travel
  • Goway Travel
  • ATS Pacific
  • All Pacific Travel Concept
  • gta-travel

Over the past six years we have increased from only a handful of ‘trade ready operators’ to nearly sixty (60) in our SGBR Trade Manual across the three regions of Capricorn, Gladstone and Bundaberg which make up the Southern Great Barrier Reef Destination.  By working together, we have managed to stretch our marketing dollars further than ever before and promote a destination brand that is appealing to sell to both domestic and overseas visitors.

 Our ITO’s are now actively selling our trade ready products to their overseas clients.  There is no better example than Great Keppel Island Hideaway, which in one year has contracted to multiple ITO’s and Wholesalers and now receives regular bookings directly from Italy and France via Pan Pacific Travel thanks to the relationships built with the help of their Regional Tourism Organisation, Capricorn Enterprise.  These bookings also benefit mainland accommodation.

 Henderson Park Farm Retreat has also seen great success over the past few years in attracting international clients because they have contracted with ITO’s, provided an exceptional product and nurtured great relationships.  Their latest package includes Pumpkin Island which is a fantastic option for ITO’s and Wholesalers, making their job easier in selling two experiences with one booking in one destination.

 Whilst in Sydney, we will also present to staff at Tourism Australia.  This is a fantastic opportunity for their team to learn even more about our Southern Great Barrier Reef Destination.  Our operators have the chance to provide short video clips which Tourism Australia use to train their ‘Aussie Specialist’ agents overseas! 

Until next time….

Mary Carroll, CEO Capricorn Enterprise

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