Do these 7 things to help bring the visitors back

We know that right now the majority of businesses in Rockhampton, the Capricorn Coast, and surrounding areas, are really feeling the effects of ex TC Debbie and the resulting flooding of the Fitzroy River. We know the majority of this impact is not physical damage, but that resulting from the misapprehension that our region was completely inundated and inaccessible. Thanks to the new Yeppen Overpass, our region remained accessible throughout this disaster but that hasn’t stopped the impact affecting businesses hard across many sectors and most of our tourism operators have experienced mass cancellations.

We’ve seen some really great work from businesses promoting the reality of our situation, and letting people know they’re open for business, and we’re very proud of that community spirit and support from local residents and businesses.

With the water and media attention receding, and the clean up well underway, it’s now time to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to build confidence back in our region.

Here are 7 easy ways that local residents and businesses can be a part of our region’s recovery:

  1. Help us invite the media and tourists back to our region – share the ‘We’re not flooded, Don’t forget us’ post on Facebook.
  2. Share all the great things that are happening in your business or region and take lots of beautiful pictures – there’s no better time to be showing off our beautiful weather and spectacular natural beauty, and current images will provide reassurance that we are indeed ready to welcome visitors (and that they’ll have a great time!).
  3.  Tag those photos with the region’s official hashtags – use these, #visitcapricorn #southerngreatbarrierreef #thisisqueensland #seeaustralia, to help your pics reach far and wide. Tourism Australia, Tourism and Events Queensland, and Capricorn Enterprise are keeping their eyes out for awesome shots to share with their followers (nb. that’s a LOT of people!).
  4. If you see other awesome local and current pictures or posts, please share them – that will help them to reach further and further (ie. the people you know, the people they know, and so on).
  5. Invite your friends and family to visit – they in turn can help promote the region to their family and friends. Why wouldn’t you want to share the beauty of our region with the ones you love?
  6. If you own a business, fill complete our Economic Impact Survey – this helps us collect important data which can be used to lobby for increased resources and support for this region.
  7. Tourism operators can leverage off of a $2m TEQ state wide campaign during April/May – Tourism and Events Queensland is offering free standard holiday deals to appear on Bookings close 21 April.

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“We’re not flooded, don’t forget us” Sunrise campaign

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