Inquiry into how the mining sector can support businesses in regional economies

The Australian Parliament’s House Standing Committee on Industry, Innovation, Science and Resources has launched an inquiry into how the mining sector can support businesses in regional economies. The inquiry will be considering issues including: opportunities and barriers for regional businesses to be involved in mining procurement; payment terms in the mining sector; skills and expertise in regional businesses working with the mining sector; diversification opportunities for regional businesses; innovation in mining and related industries; royalty payments to landholders; and the role of the Federal Government.

In Queensland, coal, minerals and LNG accounts for 78% of the State’s exports. The sector supports one in every eight jobs – with 38,000 direct employees and more than 280,000 full-time equivalent jobs dependent on resources. For the Fitzroy Region in 2016-2017 the Resources sector contributed in excess of $6Billion in gross regional product – via direct and additional F/T employment, goods and services purchased locally and community contributions (182 community organisations benefitting) – Queensland Resources Council.

If your business deals with the resources sector in any way – shape – or form we commend your taking the time to evaluate the Inquiries ToR to determine whether a Submission is warranted – this is your opportunity to influence the sectors future framework!

Submission can be lodged online via the Committee’s website using a My Parliament account or emailed directly to Submissions should be received by 10 August 2018.

Guidance on preparing a submission can be found here:

Please be aware that after a document is lodged the Committee will consider whether to accept and publish the document on its website as a submission to the Inquiry. If you would like your document to remain confidential, please ensure that you indicate this clearly in your email or by checking the relevant box (if lodging online). Please note that your document should not be disclosed to other persons until it has been authorised for publication by the Committee.

Should you require further information about the inquiry, please contact the Committee Secretariat on (02) 6277 4114 or by email:

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