Peter Donaghy, Director for Coal, Coal Assessment Hub, Department of Natural Resources Mines and Energy

As part of the 2019 Capricorn Enterprise Major Projects Forum, we were privileged to welcome Peter Donaghy, Director for Coal, Coal Assessment Hub from the Department of Natural Resources Mines and Energy.

Peter leads a highly dedicated team responsible for managing Queensland’s coal permits. He is also responsible for managing the department’s stakeholder engagement with landholders, resource companies, traditional owners and conservation groups interested in coal.

As always, Peter provided an informative and engaging presentation at the forum on Queensland Coal, the mining industry, mining lease approvals, individual mine projects and shared valuable links to further information.

  • Value of coal in Queensland – 2017-18
    • Direct benefits:
      • $3.0 billion paid in wages
      • >36,701 full time employees
      • $4.8 billion paid in royalties for 2018-19
    • Indirect benefits:
      • supports over 178,955 indirect full time jobs
      • contributes $43.4 billion to gross regional product
      • underwrites Queensland’s port and rail networks
  • Queensland Coal Mining Industry
    • There are 3 main coal basins in Queensland:
      • Bowen Basin
      • Surat Basin
      • Galilee Basin
    • There are ~30 advanced coal projects in Queensland:
      • 20 Greenfields or new projects;
      • 10 Brownfields extensions, expansions or 2nd stages;
      • Of these most are in the Bowen Basin ~25.

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