Local accommodation and tour operators’ urgent appeal for community support

Pay now, stay later…

It’s a phrase currently sprinkled throughout modern-day business marketing, but with Coronavirus placing our region’s vital small business sector under immense strain, the urgency of this call-to-action has now turned to a desperate and necessary measure.

With local and regional accommodation and tour operators now alarmingly frantic to save their businesses for post COVID-19 operations, Capricorn Enterprise is calling for anyone who can assist in putting money into the tills of local business to do so immediately.

“Cash injections are crucial right now for our accommodation and tour operators to maintain equipment and facilities. We are calling on the community to book their accommodation now for a future stay, purchase gift vouchers for a tour, sponsor/adopt an animal and just keep spending money with local operators,” said Mary Carroll, Capricorn Enterprise CEO.

For many weeks now, our region’s struggling accommodation providers have been running at less than 10% occupancy (essential workers and emergency accommodation) while devastated tour operators ceased operations and closed their doors over a month ago.

“These businesses were the first to shut down and will be the last to reopen after months of damaging impact,” said Mary. “Even though their doors are shut to the public or they are running at minimal capacity, doesn’t mean that the overheads disappear. These businesses still have bills to pay and it is absolutely vital that, if we can, we start supporting these businesses immediately.”

“Relying on the income from their businesses to feed their families and pay their mortgages, local businesses need customers and now is the time to throw them a lifeline. Those who have the capacity to pay, particularly in the public sector, we need your help now to support the region’s private sector,” stressed Mary. 

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