The Feel Good Family share their Top 10 Capricorn Region’s must do experiences

With Queensland Good To Go, Paul, Katie & Jasper are The Feel Good Family and they have just enjoyed their second visit to the spectacular Capricorn Region.

Having fallen in love with this part of Queensland they wanted to share their family travel adventures showcasing their all-time favourites. 

With so much to see and do selecting their favourites in the Capricorn Region was no easy task.

They laced up their hiking shoes and trekked through Carnarvon Gorge’s towering sandstone cliffs, soaked up the sunshine on the tiny gem of Pumpkin Island,  had an adventurous time at the ancient limestone Capricorn Caves weaving their way through the cave system,  fossicked for gemstones in the Sapphire Gemfields and unearthed millions of years old thunder rocks at Mt Hay Gemstone Tourist Park.

The Feel Good Family made a splash at the Yeppoon Lagoon and Jasper had an excellent time playing at the Keppel Kraken, before taking in the views and sunset over Rockhampton, Nurim Circuit Elevated Boardwalk Mount Archer. Soon it was all aboard the Purrey Steam Tram at Archer Park Rail Museum which train enthusiast 4-year-old Jasper enjoyed the most.

They relaxed, took in the peace, tranquillity, and natural surrounds at Ferns Hideaway Resort Byfield before heading to Great Keppel Island where they enjoyed strolls along the beach and snorkelled the Southern Great Barrier Reef pristine waters.

As Jasper says…. It’s definitely not OK Keppel Island, it’s GREAT Keppel Island!

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