2021 Capricorn Major Projects Update Industry Networking Event a great success

Thanks to collaboration between Capricorn Enterprise and Fitzroy Basin Association, a full house of 150 attendees joined local contractors and associated industry experts to learn more about major regional projects last Thursday 25th March in another successful networking event.

Guests heard from Ana Perez, Associate Director, Great Barrier Reef Foundation, about the Foundation’s areas of investment that have been identified to reduce the load of priority pollutants that flow from the catchments to the Reef.

The Fitzroy Region Partners also provided an overview of the $19.6 million received through the Great Barrier Reef Foundation to improve degraded landscapes.

The four delivery partners will soon commence a range of on-ground works including gully and streambank
restoration, rock formation/chutes and tree and groundcover rehabilitation. Approximately $7 million will be
awarded to successful tenders.

Ben Hughes from Hughes et al also provided an update on behalf of Capricorn Enterprise on the Work in Central Queensland platform developed in partnership with Australian-based developer, uWorkin. This valuable tool delivers smart matching of interested talent and localisation of jobs, skills and capital, demonstrates benefits for a myriad of people from job seekers, employment-focused community groups, training organisations, councils and employers of all sizes.

An update on the Rookwood Weir and Associated Infrastructure project was delivered by Eoin Grennan on upcoming Tenders (work packages) and how businesses can be involved while James Foreman from Laing O’Rourke gave the group an update on the $800 million ASMTI Shoalwater Bay Training Area Project. The Laing O’Rourke project update was specifically targeted to regional Contractors and associated Industries seeking to be involved in the next phase of Work Packages.

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