Central Queensland secures nationally renowned training program

Artists, as well as community and cultural workers in Bundaberg, Duaringa, Mackay and Yeppoon will have the opportunity to undertake specialist training in Creative Recovery thanks to a successfully funded and innovative program.

The Central Queensland Regional Arts Services Network (CQRASN) has partnered with the Creative Recovery Network to train up to 80 individuals across Central Queensland to use creativity to support their communities in difficult times.

The Disaster Ready Regions Creative Recovery Training will provide participants with an understanding of how trauma impacts our communities and the resources and skills required to support community project development within a disaster context.

“Creativity can play a really significant role in the recovery of our communities when natural disasters strike,” said Scotia Monkivitch, Executive officer, Creative Recovery Network.

“The Arts are a very powerful connector, and it can really help people to heal from trauma.” 

Regional Arts Project Officer Trudie Leigo said CQRASN was thrilled to be bringing the 2.5 day immersive training program to Central Queensland.

“It will be the first-time training of this type will be offered across our communities,” Ms Leigo said.

“Upskilling artists across our region to respond when the worst happens, means we will have better prepared and connected communities.

“We know what’s it like when disaster strikes, those impacted need all the help and support they can get.”

Training dates and locations:

  • 5-7 May: Bundaberg
  • 21- 23 May: Yeppoon
  • 28 – 30: May Mackay
  • 1-3 June: Duaringa

Creative Recovery Training Yeppoon Information Flyer – capricornenterprise.com.au/wp-content/uploads/Creative-Recovery-Training-Yeeppon_Information-Flyer-1.pdf

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