A new partnership to promote, present and protect our natural assets

Nature and tourism go hand in hand. Our international and domestic visitors are increasingly seeking wide open spaces and experiences that bring them closer to the natural environment. From our savannahs to our rainforests and Great Barrier Reef, the importance of Country to our Queensland tourism brand is immense. 

To better promote, present and protect these critical natural assets, the Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC) have formed an alliance with the Queensland Conservation Council, the Queensland First Nations Tourism Council, The Pew Charitable Trusts, Ecotourism Australia, and National Parks Association of Queensland. 

By forming a partnership, these organisations will bring together the leaders of Queensland tourism and conservation to ensure that they have a stronger voice to advocate for our natural resources and to push for greater funding to maintain and present Queensland’s environment. Through this alliance, QTIC will help more tourism operators sustainably deliver greater visitor experiences in protected areas.

Already, this partnership has called on the state government to significantly increase management funding and provide an acceleration of growth of Queensland’s protected area network by 2032. By increasing the protection of our Queensland environment and correspondingly raising the funding dedicated to the maintenance of these natural assets, as well as developing the infrastructure which allows visitors to sustainably appreciate these areas, QTIC is helping to expand commercial tourism in a way that protects and promotes our environment. 

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