‘Keppel Islands – Extraordinary Reefs’ goes to print

The Keppel Islands in the Southern Great Barrier Reef have gone to print.

But not for much longer!

Livingstone Shire Council and Capricorn Enterprise have partnered with private enterprise and Dr Alison Jones to help produce her new book, Keppel Islands – Extraordinary Reefs.

The book showcases the reefs of the Keppel Islands, describes what makes them tick and provides a practical guide to accessing some of her favourite dive sites.

Dr Jones is a research scientist with a bachelor’s degree in Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry from James Cook University and a PhD in coral physiology from CQUniversity and the Australian Institute of Marine Science

She has also been a cattle farmer with a property located on the Capricorn Coast and knows more about sustainable farming practices and the health of our reef than many, having spent over 15 years in marine tourism and researching the health of our local reefs.

“Many people will not ever have the opportunity that I have had to visit so many of our reefs and this book will give them a idea of what they are really like rather than seeing glossy magazine shots that don’t depict their true nature”. All the photos are of reefs in the Keppels and most of them are taken by locals.

“It also has lots of referenced scientific information in plain language to explain why Keppel Island’s reefs are so unique on the Great Barrier Reef.

It’s a MUST HAVE guide to the Keppels and will value add to visitor’s experience of our amazing region! Copies of the book will be available at the launch on June 25th where we will thank our industry partners Livingstone Shire Council, Capricorn Enterprise, JRT Civil, Freedom Fastcats, Great Keppel Island Hideaway and Keppel Konnections and the Keppel Turtle Fund.

Anyone wishing to attend the launch should contact Dr Jones on 0408 068 128 to arrange an invitation.

After the launch the books will be available either through the Keppel Islands Extraordinary Reefs website www.keppels.com.au, Facebook or local distributors.

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