Hook Line & Sinker

Hook Line & Sinker

Date(s) - 21 Aug 2013
5:45 PM - 9:00 PM

Frenchville Sports Club

Focus on improving Customer Service in your business by incorporating the Hook Line & Sinker! philosophy.

Now is the time to focus on customer service in your business by bringing the fantastic and highly acclaimed Hook Line & Sinker! philosophy to LIFE! Results have shown how implementing the Hook Line & Sinker! philosophy can transform an unhappy and unproductive team into an energized and focused powerhouse.

Managers love that Hook Line & Sinker! is about individual commitment. Each person can live and develop Hook Line & Sinker! in their own way. Everybody is responsible for integrating the principles into their behaviour and attitude.

Hook Line & Sinker! will make a difference immediately. There are small things people can start doing now that will change the way it feels to work, live, communicate and lead.

Hook Line & Sinker! provides an opportunity to explore what you really want your workplace to create and achieve whilst tapping into the strengths and passions of your people.

Our Hook Line & Sinker! Workshop will build strong teams and challenge individuals. We reward risk taking and learning in an environment, which fosters success and builds confidence. Most importantly, our Hook Line & Sinker! workshops are fun…. guaranteed.

What you will learn
The four Hook Line & Sinker! principles – Play, Make their Day, Be There and Choose your attitude

Who should attend?
All business owners, managers and staff, preferably the whole team

Date: August 21st 2013
Time: 5:45pm to 9pm
Venue: Frenchville Sports Club (Capricorn Room) Rockhampton
Cost: $88.00 (incl GST) or business package of 10 staff is $825.00 (incl GST)
How to register: visit- www.cqhr.com.au and click on the register now button in Training, Workshop and Events.

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