Family Succession Planning, Estate Maximisation & Asset Protection

Family Succession Planning, Estate Maximisation & Asset Protection

Date(s) - 2 May 2013
10:00 AM - 7:30 PM

CHDC, Wally McKenzie House, Emerald Showgrounds

Presented by Mark Westcott, born and bred in the Hughenden district. Mark uncovers your legacy intent and facilitates it’s implementation.

Family Succession, Estate Planning and Legacy Solutions are issues of high priority based on discussions Mark had throughout Western Queensland over the last few weeks.

If something happened to you tomorrow, have you thought about, taken advice and implemented a plan, to assure a smooth transition that ensures certainty, confidence and security for those you care for and love?

Have you protected your estate to ensure it will provide for the right people and not be diminished by failed marriages, business debts, partnership issues or potential step children’s rights?

Have you discussed and established a transition plan for your children to assume control and responsibility of your property or business?

Droughts, floods, bushfires or a perfect season; regardless, people still either die, plan to retire or end up taking on more debt. Families need certainty in regard to the succession of the family business and a path for the future.

When we first meet with people, most suffer from a low efficiency in regard to their legacy and estate plans.
What we find is they are at risk from The Family Farm Dilemma™. As well, the 3 greatest issues are usually The Deferral Dilemma™, The Invincibility Delusion™ and more regularly they suffer from The Pompous Presumption™. When you combine that with what we call The Delinquent Documents™, The Anna-Nicole Syndrome™, and the potential of Step Sibling Seepage™, usually what results is cents rather than dollars for the beneficiaries.

Descriptions such as The In-Laws Claws™, The Matrimonial Estate Trap™ and the potential of The Family Feud™ are all dangers that parents see when their children choose a partner. These are threats that can be minimised.

* * *

These 90 minute seminars will take you through some real examples of disasters that have occurred due to a lack of proper (if any) planning. Also, we will touch on some simple solutions to eliminate the dangers you may face.  It will be 90 minutes well invested.

The increased efficiency of your family’s future will be the benefit of your attendance.

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