Date(s) - 31 Oct 2018
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Rockhampton DSDMIP office

Future-proofing Australian manufacturers

Competing in today’s increasingly digitalised world and winning in the fourth industrial revolution requires global context and market access, entrepreneurial leadership, a culture of innovation and the adoption of new emerging technologies. But above all, it requires a different set of thinking.

Whether you are new to digital manufacturing or well on the journey, the futuremap™ workshop (delivered by video-link) will give you valuable insights into the current state of your business and then have you consider where you aspire to be.

Interactive and packed with industry examples, the workshop is intended specifically for you if you are the owner or managing director of a manufacturing business, to help you:

  • think differently about the opportunities and challenges of digital manufacturing;
  • map the current state of your business with respect to capabilities and characteristics vital for future competitiveness and success, and compare this to where you aspire to be in two years from now;
  • understand the primary gaps between your current state and your aspirations, to assist you to develop your key areas of focus and potential investment; and
  • understand where assistance may be sought to help you on your transition to digital manufacturing.

Prepare to be inspired, learn and grow as you spend the workshop assessing and mapping your business’s manufacturing capabilities and characteristics using futuremap™ , a business diagnostic tool developed by IMCRC.

Please bring a fully charged laptop or device (tablet, phone) that is WIFI enabled.



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