QTIC: Changing climate, changing business free workshop

QTIC: Changing climate, changing business free workshop

Date(s) - 7 Nov 2018
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM


It’s time to make a change for a more resilient future!

QTIC, in partnership with Griffith Institute for Tourism and the Queensland Government released the ‘Building a resilient tourism industry: Queensland climate change response plan’ earlier in the year. Now is the chance to find out more about the findings, discuss what the plan means for your business – opportunities and challenges, to work through practical action examples of how you can develop business resilience and save money through climate adaptation and mitigation measures, and find out where you can get help and support.

This workshop will explore:

  • Key findings and actions resulting from the ‘Building a resilient tourism industry: Queensland climate change response plan’ launched in May 2018
  • The risks and opportunities to the tourism industry in Queensland
  • How businesses can respond and where you can get help and support to become more resilient
  • How the Queensland tourism industry is exercising leadership and innovation, and reaping the benefits
  • Inspiring case studies from successful local tourism initiatives and businesses
  • Any of your burning questions!

Why should I attend?:
Extreme weather events have significantly impacted parts of the tourism industry in Queensland, and in particular some destinations – there are businesses that have not recovered. Changes to the climate are expected to increase the severity of cyclones, droughts and floods; this will have implications for business continuity and recovery, but will also affect ecosystems and wildlife habitats across the state. For Queensland one of the biggest threats is to the Great Barrier Reef which will have a profound influence on our industry and the visitor experience.

The global drive for decarbonisation and greener economies also has implications for our tourism industry, and will influence visitor preferences and tourism investment. Tourism will need to transition and demonstrate its efforts to protect the environment and reduce its footprint. Queensland has the opportunity to lead the way and adapt to the changes ahead, to bring the tourism industry together to transition and innovate. This will not only help to protect the natural environment we rely on so heavily as an industry, but will bring additional benefits such as reduced costs and a competitive clean edge for our businesses.

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