Local Projects to Drive the Regional Economy for Next Decade

Unprecedented capital investment in projects across our local area over the next decade will result in renewed business and investment confidence plus provide a boost in economic stimulus across our entire Capricorn region. 

With in excess of $3.5 Billion in project investment guaranteed over the next 5 to 10 years across a broad spectrum of activity including construction, civil, engineering, manufacturing, concrete products and environmental consulting plus associated trades and specialist services such as fencing (in excess of 200km of new fencing) waste management, geotechnical, surveying, vegetation management, soil testing, and the list goes on –  local business and industry groups across the broader region are encouraged to “be involved”.

Major Projects include the Shoalwater Bay Remediation Project ($135Million), ASMTI (Australian Singapore Military Training Initiative ($800M), Bruce Highway Northern Access Upgrade ($121M), Capricorn Highway Rocky to Gracemere Duplication ($75 M), Rockhampton Ring Road ($1 Billion), Capricornia Correctional Centre ($200M), Lower Fitzroy River Rookwood Weir ($352M), Clark Creek Wind and Solar Farm ($800M), Rockhampton Flood Levy ($60M), GKI Power/Energy/Cable ($25M+), Rockhampton Manufacturing Hub ($10M).

Through local engagement (industry, business, supply chain and general procurement) securing 65%  regional content will result in billions of dollars economic injection in the next five years.

Guarantees of local industry involvement of between 65% and 80% in a variety of projects provides huge benefit for local business and industry.  However it must be stressed that these opportunities won’t be presented on a ‘platter’ with usual business terms of tendering/contracting and business engagement being observed.

Groups such as Capricorn Enterprise, EconomX, Industry Capability Network {ICN} plus the Department of State Development Manufacturing Infrastructure and Planning {DSDMIP} are currently conducting a variety of information sessions and training/development courses to assist and support local Business qualify for Projects.

Working with all project proponents and managing contractors to maximise local industry, business and skilled labour involvement in all Projects is our priority.

Capricorn Enterprise is in close contact with all managing contractors and project proponents and we are working hard to secure and develop a clear understanding of project pipelines and their requirements for industry, supply chain/procurement and labour capability.

If you are not a Member of Capricorn Enterprise, you are potentially missing out of valuable opportunities for your business.  Please email admin@capricornenterprise.com.au if you wish to get involved!

Until next time

Mary Carroll CEO Capricorn Enterprise

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