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Social media has become a ‘must do’ for every tourism business trying to market themselves successfully in today’s digital landscape. A couple of simple tricks that can go a long way to promoting your brand is sharing with us and using relevant hashtags e.g. #visitcapricorn

If you have information that you would like to see promoted via social media to reach a larger audience, please share your content to our consumer Facebook page or if you are using a platform like Instagram or Twitter, use the hashtags – #visitcapricorn #thisisqueensland #southerngreatbarrierreef and #seeaustralia . That way your content is tagged appropriately and ready for the large tourism consumer accounts to share.

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VisitCapricorn provides information about places to staythings to do and where to go throughout the Capricorn region in Central Queensland. Visitors can enjoy a range of holiday options, including family friendly, geotourism, golfing holidays, adventure, relaxing getaways and more! Plan your trip now.

To obtain a featured listing on VisitCapricorn you will need to be a member of Capricorn Enterprise and you will also need a subscription to the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW). For more information on what ATDW is and how it can benefit your business, please view our ATDW Information page.

2018-19 VISUAL MEDIA – Promoting our Destination!

Capricorn Enterprise commissioned a number of bloggers and influencers throughout the 2018/19 financial year, as well as a number of Television shows, working in partnership with our local tourism industry.

Tourism and Events Queensland also produced a number of blogs including our destination, promoting the Queensland experience themes of 1. Reef, Islands & Beaches, 2. Adventure & Discovery, 3. Natural Encounters, 4. Lifestyle Culture & People, 5. Events.

Capricorn Enterprise also assists in the provision of images, information and contacts to our media partners on behalf of our industry where our in-kind assistance is required.  We sincerely acknowledge our operators who have invested financially into some of these promotions. 

August 2018
15 of the best places to eat in Yeppoon – Little Grey Box –
Queensland blog – 5 must-do Queensland road trips (includes 9 day CQ Outback drive) –

September 2018
Travel Boating lifestyle by Fiona Harper –  8 of the Best Queensland Beaches
Queensland Blog Christine Retschlag – Beautiful one day, Bitcoin the next: You can now travel by cryptocurrency in Queensland
Creek to Coast Channel 7 – Rockhampton Fishing
Queensland Blog – 9 Awesome free swimming spots and water parks
Queensland blog – Where to see turtles on the Southern Great Barrier Reef (guaranteed!) –
Creek to Coast Channel 7 – Women that Fish –
Creek to Coast Channel 7 – Rockhampton Fishing Culture –
Weekend Notes Nadine Creswick-Myatt – 7 New Attractions Rockhampton & Yeppoon –
Weekend Notes Nadine Creswick-Myatt – Quality Hotel Regent Rockhampton –
Weekend Notes Nadine Creswick-Myatt – Empire Apartment Hotel –
Weekend Notes Nadine Creswick-Myatt –  Salt Yeppoon & Vue Wine Bar & Restaurant –
Queensland’s Parkies Post September – Partners in Tourism p.35

October 2018
Weekend Notes Nadine Creswick-Myatt – Capricorn Caves New Geo Tour & Summer Solstice
Weekend Notes Nadine Creswick-Myatt – 3 Foodie Finds in Yeppoon –
Weekend Notes Nadine Creswick-Myatt – Beautiful Byfield Natural Attractions  –
Queensland blog – Beef, barra AND barrels? Surf Lakes creates Australia’s first wave pool in Yeppoon –

November 2018
TravMedia – Pumpkin Island Winner 2018 Australasia’s Most Sustainable Hotel
TravMedia – Wedding & Honeymoon Destinations (Pumpkin, GKI, Capricorn Caves, Henderson Park)
Queensland blog – Mon Repo & beyond: Where to see turtles in Queensland (includes Great Keppel Island) –
Queensland blog – 18 Queensland food festivals to add to your calendar now (includes Capricorn Food & Wine Festival 2019)

December 2018
Kids go Down Under –

January 2019
TravMedia – Which Australia Island is for you? –
Queensland blog – Hack the Public Holidays –
Courier Mail – Australia Day – Queensland’s best BBQ spots – Yeppoon Lagoon

February 2019
Queensland blog – Not another Bali trip: 8 perfect spots for a Queensland holiday with kids (includes Yeppoon Lagoon)
Queensland blog – The best waterfalls in Queensland you can swim in (includes Carnarvon Gorge)

March 2019
Little Grey Box – Everything you need to know about visiting Pumpkin Island-
Little Grey Box – The Best Carnarvon Gorge Travel Guide – everything you need to know –
Little Grey Box – The week that was #78 –Yeppoon, Capricorn Coast, Rosslyn Bay Wellness Retreat, mural trail/public street art –
Little Grey Box – The week that was #79 – Pumpkin Island, Yeppoon, Carnarvon Gorge –
Little Grey Box– 11 Street Art Spots you must see in Yeppoon
Little Grey Box– 4 Ways to revitalize on the Capricorn Coast
Little Grey Box– 5 Reasons you should take a glamping holiday to Carnarvon Gorge
Little Grey Box Youtube video – We had Pumpkin Island all to Ourselves! (2,542 views to 12th July 2019) –
Little Grey Box Youtube video – Queensland Travel Guide Carnarvon Gorge (3,172 views to 12th July 2019) –
Little Grey Box Youtube video – Queensland Travel Guide Yeppoon (3,893 views to 12th July 2019) –
Queensland blog – the ultimate family friendly GBR holiday – Freedom Fastcats/GKI –
The Grace Tales – the Tale of Laureth, Indio, Haven and Steel Rumble, Pumpkin Island –
Step Outside with Paul Burt (Channel 7) (GKI) aired 17th March 2019 (Season 1 Episode 2)
Step Outside with Paul Burt (Channel 7) (Stanage Bay with Jeremy Marou) aired 31st March 2019 Season 1 Episode 4

April 2019
The Culture Trip – website operating in Travel, Media and Entertainment. Unique and special about places, people and culture – Great Keppel Island
Creek to Coast– Barra Bash, NRMA Capricorn Holiday Village Yeppoon, Rocky River Run –  Fitzroy River Barra Bash –
Queensland blog – The ultimate family friendly Great Barrier Reef guide (includes Freedom Fastcats/Great Keppel Island)  ­-
Queensland Blog – with link to Great Keppel Island (2016 Island and Beach Camping in the Southern Great Reef
Queensland blog – 11 Great Barrier Reef islands you need to experience now (includes Pumpkin Island)

May 2019
Queensland blog – Southern Great Barrier Reef, Keppel Konnections, Freedom Fast Cats, Capricorn Coast
Queensland blog – Freedom Fast Cats –
Queensland blog – Pumpkin Island –
Queensland blog – 14 places to eat, drink and be merry in Rockhampton
Queensland bog – Complete guide to Carnarvon Gorge National Park
Creek to Coast – BCF Offshore Yeppoon –
Creek to Coast – NRMA Capricorn Yeppoon Holiday Park –

June 2019
Christine Retschlag – Top spots to stay at Carnarvon Gorge –
Christine Retschlag – The changing coloours of Carnarvon Gorge –
Christine Retschlag – 10 Unexpected activities at Carnarvon Gorge –
Christine Retschlag – The journey to Carnarvon is Gorge-ous –
Queensland blog – Visitor Guide Southern Great Barrier Reef
Queensland blog –  The Ultimate Southern Great Barrier Reef visitors guide
The Blonde Nomads – Playgrounds, splash parks and family friendly fun
The Blonde Nomads – Great Keppel Island– Island holidays at its best
The Blonde Nomads – Pumpkin Island – Pristine serenity at every turn
The Blonde Nomads – 7 Awesome family activities in Rockhampton
The Blonde Nomads – Cave-raving fun!

Tourism and Events Queensland
Note: “I Know Just the Place” Great Keppel Island video which is hosted on the TEQ Youtube channel, remains the highest viewed (2,610 times) out of 16 productions across Queensland!

Beautiful One Day Perfect the Next campaign – lead talent Busby Marou – first advertisement in the series was launched in August 2018 and has received 36,499 views to July 2019 on the TEQ Youtube channel