Implementation of Capricorn Destination Tourism Strategy

Implementation Capricorn Destination Tourism Strategy (DTS) 2021-2030

The 2021-2030 Destination Tourism Strategy outlines our competitive advantage and builds on the promotion of the region’s natural assets, unique offerings, local character and environmental credentials to remain a leading provider of tourism.

Our ‘Hero Experiences’ are: 

1. Southern Great Barrier Reef

2. Caves & Fossicking

3. Carnarvon Gorge & Natural Wonders

4. Regional Specialties & Culinary Delights

Tourism is both a major economic activity and lifestyle driver for the Capricorn region. The visitor economy injects $525 million of direct expenditure into the destination each year, which, in turn, supports over 5,600 jobs (direct and indirect). Visitor expenditure also supports a range of infrastructure including restaurants, airports and cultural facilities, which actively contribute to developing liveable communities.

The Capricorn Destination Tourism Strategy has been prepared to provide the definitive direction for tourism and events in the Capricorn Region towards 2030, highlighting the resources required to achieve the 2030 target and create a sustainable and competitive tourism and events destination.

Our vision is to achieve consistent exceptional visitor experiences through sustainable product development, capacity building, and strategically targeted marketing, which will enhance the social and cultural fabric of the destination.