MULTI USE CENTRE: Convention Centre & Stadium Facilities

Option 1: Major facility co-location a convention centre and multi sport centre

Option 2: A Staged Facility

Option 3: Smaller opportunities (i.e. stand alone convention centre in Rockhampton and / or Yeppoon.

While Capricorn Enterprise supported the construction of a convention centre and stadium as critical components of the Central Queensland NRL Bid, a stand alone convention centre is the most realistic option in the near future. Capricorn Enterprise continues to back development that supports the visitor economy, business and industry.

Option 3

The federal government has committed a $20 million investment in the proposed Keppel Bay Convention Centre and Sporting Hub (KBCSH).

Flagged as a regional priority project as identified in the 2014-2020 Capricorn Destination Tourism Plan, the proposed development will bring 298 jobs to the region during construction and 272 direct local jobs once operational. The Economic Impact Assessment report found the project would inject $11.1 million into the regional economy annually and $39.8 million during construction.

The KBCSG will contribute to the visitor economy to our region which is reliant upon both holiday and business travellers.  Attracting more business travellers to the Capricorn Coast who then become holiday travellers, needs a business convention centre on the coast.  

The Keppel Bay Sailing Club announced in 2018 their visionary plan to develop a sporting, tourism and events hub in Yeppoon. The proposed development includes a new 1,000 seat convention centre, 128 room hotel, multi-level car parking to support the new foreshore development, new retail spaces and a pedestrian link bridge between facilities. Read more

Proposed Keppel Bay Convention and Sporting Hub; Source: KBSC

21 January 2019 Keppel Bay Sailing Club media release 

Option 1

Central Queensland based national rugby league team (CQNRL Bid)

While there is strong community support for a Central Queensland-based National Rugby League team from Bundaberg in the south, Mackay to the north and west to the border, the region is still waiting.  Central Queensland players and administrators have made a significant contribution to the game in the past, the present and will continue to do so in the future.

Together with the NRL fans, businesses and the community are supporting the bid and Central Queensland Region as an economic powerhouse and the most exciting and liveable region in Australia.  The CQ NRL Bid gained a life force of its own with support also being sourced from some of the largest corporate names in Australia – largely possible given the region’s special status as the ‘economic engine-room’ of Queensland.

Convention Centre

Rockhampton is the only major regional city in Queensland without a convention centre, denying the city and region the opportunity to host major conferences and events. The construction of a convention centre and stadium are critical components of the Central Queensland NRL Bid.