$20M Keppel Bay Convention Centre on track

Despite the hardship created across the region during COVID-19, the Keppel Bay Convention Centre remains all systems go.

Set to attract large, corporate and sporting events and provide considerable diversification to the local business economy and tourism sector, the Convention Centre, which is the first stage in a multi-purpose $63M dollar state-of-the-art facility, will deliver a first-class resource for the Capricorn Coast and greater Central Queensland region.

The custom-built Convention Centre, with the capacity to hold up to 1000 people will be a game changer for the Coast, putting our region on the national stage and helping to provide numerous job opportunities and economic benefits  for the entire community.

Remaining extremely passionate about the delivery of this Regional Priority Project, Capricorn Enterprise CEO, Mary Carroll is confident that upon commencement, the Convention Centre will re-ignite our local economy, which has been hit hard throughout the pandemic.

“The Convention Centre has been a Major Regional Priority Project for our destination for the past decade and I am extremely excited for its imminent commencement.”

“In partnership with Capricornia MP, Michelle Landry, we have worked very hard to secure the $20M committed in the last Federal election and will continue to work with the Keppel Bay Sailing Club team to see the project come to fruition to ensure the positive economic uplift for our region,” Mary said.

Creating 298 new jobs during construction and 272 direct local jobs every year once operational, the multi-purpose project’s Economic Impact Assessment demonstrates an injection of $11.1M annually into the regional economy during operation and $39.8M during construction.

Facilities and Building Chair of the Keppel Bay Sailing Club Board of Directors, Sandra Byrt said that while COVID has thrown a curve ball in the progress, it has provided valued time to make improvements to the final design of the complex and modern facility.

“Once definitive modifications are made representing the current environment in which we are dealing, we will submit them to the Federal Government as part of our formal contractual arrangement for the expenditure of the $20M,” Sandra said.

“We are in the final processes and ready to make a start on this project. We appreciate the continued strong support of our political representatives, together with a very broad cross section of business and industry as well as the wider community.”

“Following the immense success of the $53M Yeppoon town centre and foreshore revitalization, we are excited to deliver the stage one Keppel Bay Convention Centre, which is another prime example of where public-sector investment has attracted private sector investment.”

On completion, the Convention and Sporting Hub will deliver multi-level parking facilities, 128-room hotel, retail spaces and a pedestrian link bridge connecting the spaces.

“The project is integral to our region, as it will entice greater visitation to the Capricorn Coast, resulting in more heads on beds, more guests in our restaurants, cafes and retail operations, and importantly, more money back into the pockets of our local businesses long-term,” Mary said.

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