New tour company kicks off in Carnarvon Gorge

With a role of guiding visitors through one of the most spectacular locations in Australia, Caity and Christian Bom from CQ Tours are ready to share their passion, knowledge, and beautiful backyard of Nyanda Station and Carnarvon Gorge National Park with budding explorers.

Existing to help guests gain a greater understanding of the landscape and what makes the sandstone wilderness so special, the two accredited Savannah guides launched their business in January 2022, and proudly hosted their first guided tour last week.

Offering several options from walking tours to popular sites of Carnarvon Gorge to 4×4 Tag-along tours through Nyanda Station, viewing rarely seen parts of Carnarvon National Park, along with the Nyanda Gorge Tour which includes a scenic tag-along drive through creeks and waterways before exploring the Nyanda Gorge via foot, CQ Tours can customize your experience to ensure you see and do more.

With Caity growing up on Nyanda Station, a 38,500-acre working cattle property neighbouring Carnarvon Gorge, she spent much of her childhood exploring the area with her family and discovering many hidden gems.

Its name meaning ‘the place of many waters’, Nyanda is a rugged sandstone landscape adorned with permanently flowing creeks and ancient sandstone cliffs and as Caity advocates, the perfect place to immerse yourself in nature and learn the origins of these incredible natural wonders.

“Christian and I are so excited to welcome people to our home through CQ Tours, and we can’t wait to take tours to places that have never been accessible to the public before now,” Caity said. “We both previously worked at the Capricorn Caves near Rockhampton, under the leadership of the late Ann Augusteyn, who instilled a deep passion for interpretation in both of us.”

“After marrying in 2021, Christian and I took a three-month trip around Queensland, and on returning decided that it was time to make a job out of doing what we enjoy the most,” Caity said.

Excited to be the very first guest of CQ Tours, Cathy Reade was full of commendation for the new touring business and is already planning her next visit.

“Our visit to the beautiful Nyanda Gorge with a tag along tour and walk up through the creek and gorge is something we won’t forget,” Cathy said. “We were fortunate to discover an abundance of wildlife, birdlife, wonderful ancient cycads, orchards and native trees we’ve never heard of before.”

“Caity and Christian’s deep love, respect and knowledge of this special place really helped us to appreciate the whole experience all the more,” Cathy said.

Capricorn Enterprise Marketing Manager, Krista Brown is thrilled to see CQ Tours join the existing group of top-class tourism operators based at Carnarvon Gorge in Central Queensland Highlands.

“Carnarvon Gorge is an absolute hero product for our region, and we are so fortunate to see businesses such as CQ Tours continue to invest in the tourism industry,” Krista said. “Arriving with previous experience from the iconic Capricorn Caves, we have no doubt that Caity and Christian will deliver something very special for their guests.”

CQ Tours joins Carnarvon Gorge Eco-Tours to complement and deliver a full range of tour options for all ages and abilities.

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