Indulge in a VIP experience with Carnarvon Gorge Eco-Tours

Michelle and Simon from Carnarvon Gorge Eco-Tours welcome you, your family, and friends, to come and experience their exclusive hiking tour in one of the most exquisite destinations in the world – Carnarvon Gorge.

Whether you are craving the seclusion of an off-the-beaten-track experience or want to discover the beauty of the Gorge with the destination’s most experienced guides, get ready to fully immerse yourself among the wonders of this incredible ecosystem which has been shaped by Mother Nature for over 200 million years.

The 8–9-hour Lower Gorge Explorer Tour will immerse you in four of Carnarvon Gorge’s well-known sites, with Simon or Michelle introducing you to some of the world’s most significant stencil rock art, before taking you through a spectacular side gorge that generates its own unique micro-climate and supports the Gorge’s one and only colony of King Ferns. The awe-inspiring Amphitheatre is a highlight before exploring how local hydrology drives the never-ending springs of the beautiful Moss Garden.

The Off the Beaten Track Tour invites you to escape the crowds and visit secluded sites that very few can experience. This adventure, like no other will take you to untouched places and once you head off-track, you won’t see another human soul.

Accredited Savannah Guides with qualifications in Outdoor Education, Nature Tourism, Ecology and Biodiversity, Michelle and Simon have been living and breathing Carnarvon Gorge for years and their passion for this tremendous landscape never wanes.

If the promise of exclusivity with your very own guides boasting over 20 years of experience appeals to you, then join Michelle and Simon as they share amazing insights and stories from their backyard.

With prices starting from $300 per group for up to four guests (additional guests can be added for an increased fee), Carnarvon Gorge Eco-Tours offers incredible value for money.

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