Courier Mail Bush Summit – Rockhampton

In case you missed it, all keynote addresses (including Gina Rinehart and the Premier), as well as panel discussions (Liveability, Energy, Technology, Regional Outlook) have been recorded and can be found on this link:

Eight key topics were presented as the ongoing Communique by the Courier Mail for reporting and lobbying over the next year:

  1. Essential Services/Minimum standards for regions
  2. Intervention on health care beds and mental health care programs
  3. Mobile coverage audit report
  4. Regional Social and Affordable Housing strategy
  5. Natural disasters resilience program – flip the 97c v 3c spending imbalance
  6. Royalties to Regions review – more equitable share of royalties for regional infrastructure
  7. Transition of the Energy Economy – support for regions carrying the burden
  8. Olympics Legace Regional Tourism strategy

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