Amy Harris, Great Keppel Island Hideaway, nominated for the Young Tourism Leaders program

Capricorn Enterprise nominated Amy Harris from Great Keppel Island Hideaway for the Young Tourism Leaders program conducted by the Department of Tourism.

Young Tourism Leaders are inspiring young professionals who promote the diverse, exciting careers which tourism offers. YTLs make presentations in schools and participate in careers events to share the story of their career journey, promote the diversity of careers in tourism and provide insights on how to kick-start a career in tourism.

The YTL program started in 2017 and, to date, there have been 100 YTLs from across Queensland.
The school engagement and career promotion activities which our YTLs undertake are making an important contribution towards attracting the tourism workforce of the future.

Former Young Tourism Leaders in the region are:

  • Lyndsay Appleton (formerly Keppel Dive)
  • Emmagen Mula (formerly RRC, now Beef Australia)
  • Jordan Wheeler (formerly Capricorn Caves)
  • Olivia Evans (formerly Sandstone Park Carnarvon Gorge)
  • Eloise Chaffers (formerly Great Keppel Island, now Taylor Made Marketing)
  • Zac Garven (formerly Empire Rockhampton/The Cassidy Group, now RRC)
  • Amanda Hinton (formerly Capricorn Caves, now RRC)

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