Capricorn Caves Lights up with the Summer Solstice Spectacle

As the festive season approaches, Capricorn Caves embraces the spirit of celebration, not just for Christmas and New Year but also for the mesmerizing phenomenon of the Summer Solstice.   Capricorn Caves, located just 23km from the city of Rockhampton, celebrates the longest day of the year by giving guests the opportunity to enjoy a moment where time seemingly stands still. 

Situated proudly within a destination that lies on the Tropic of Capricorn, the southernmost latitude of the sun’s celestial journey, Capricorn Caves becomes a haven for a unique celestial event this December 22nd.

During Summer Solstice the midday sun perfectly aligns with a natural opening in the cave ceiling, casting a powerful beam of sunlight into the depths of one of our caves. This extraordinary occurrence attracts visitors globally, drawn to witness the enchanting play of light that occurs naturally only at Capricorn Caves.

Capricorn Caves are offering visitors the opportunity to witness this amazing natural occurrence on daily tours through December and January, and Operations Manager Mindy Bambrick is looking forward to sharing the magic of Solstice with everyone. 

“As the only place in the Southern hemisphere where something like this occurs naturally, we have visitors coming from around the world to experience the beautiful sunlight that lights up our Belfry Cave,” Mindy said. 

“In previous years, we’ve had people coming from around the world for this experience.  Some people come to perform little ceremonies, others recharge their crystals, and a few will also declare their love beneath the “light of eternity.” Capricorn Caves has even played host to a summer Solstice wedding, with vows exchanged under the radiant beam of light.”

Accompanied by expert guides, guests will gain insight into the scientific marvel behind the phenomenon, hear captivating stories of solstice celebrations from around the world, and be treated to a dazzling display with the mesmerizing light beam.

“The Summer Solstice at Capricorn Caves offers an unparalleled experience and an extraordinary photo opportunity. It’s an event not to be missed,” encourages Mindy.

Capricorn Caves invites all to join in the celebration of nature’s grandeur and experience the magic of the Summer Solstice in a truly one-of-a-kind setting. To secure your spot for this unparalleled experience, be sure to book the 11 am Cathedral Cave Tour or the Summer Solstice Tour on December 22, 2023. 

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