Capricorn Coast Visitor Information Centre reducing their carbon footprint

This week, the Capricorn Coast Visitor Information Centre (VIC) is another step closer in their goal of reducing their carbon footprint.

In April this year, VIC Supervisor, Sarah Lawrence, met with Eco-Biz Coach, Andrew Chamberlin, to develop a plan to reduce energy, water and waste. During the session, they reviewed VIC processes and identified opportunities for improvement, including any energy-intensive processes, materials and waste handling processes and water-intensive processes.

Post session, the VIC received a Strive for Sustainability scorecard, a 77% sustainability score, and a detailed report on initiatives to help reduce energy, water and waste usage. As part of the process, one of the simplest and most effective improvements identified, was to replace all lights and fans with newer more efficient models and reduce the VIC’s energy consumption.

Luke Findlay Electrical fully fitted the center with energy-saving and economical LED lights and fans. It is estimated that replacing the VIC’s ten (10) T8 fluorescent lights with LED battens will save 560kWh per year and replacing the five (5) spotlights will save approximately 24kWH per year.

Other improvements following the Eco-Biz session include more efficient waste management systems, processes for air-conditioning and other appliance usage, staff engagement with identifying and reducing waste, water and energy and ensuring the responsible disposal of out of date visitor guides.

With the VIC on its way to reducing their carbon footprint, with both energy and cost savings ahead, they highly recommend the process to other businesses.

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