Capricorn Caves Unveils “Kids Free February”: Elevating Family Connections through Accessible Adventures

Capricorn Caves, renowned for its extraordinary subterranean experiences, proudly introduces ‘Kids Free February,’ a groundbreaking campaign dedicated to strengthening family bonds through accessible and affordable adventures.

Recognising the essence of family time, ‘Kids Free February’ is their sincere effort to elevate these invaluable connections. By providing complimentary tickets for children aged 15 and under, they aim to ensure families from Central Queensland and beyond can enjoy an inclusive and budget-friendly adventure.

This initiative exemplifies Capricorn Caves’ commitment to making cave exploration more than just an activity—it’s an accessible experience for every family. Throughout February, families are welcome to explore the spectacular Cathedral Cave or embark on the thrill of the Explorer Cave Tour, all without any additional cost for their children (maximum of four children per paying adult).

Seize this unique opportunity to transform family moments into lasting memories amid the awe-inspiring wonders beneath the surface. Capricorn Caves invites the community to share in the excitement of ‘Kids Free February,’ emphasizing that this month is about making family adventures more accessible and enjoyable.

Join them in celebrating February as a month where unforgettable moments are crafted and shared within the magnificent Capricorn Caves. Please note that terms and conditions apply, and advance bookings are necessary. Easily secure your spot through the official Capricorn Caves website or at the on-site kiosk.

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