A bright future ahead following Destination Australia Conference

A record 1,000 people (800 in person and more on-line) attended this year’s Destination Australia conference hosted by Tourism Australia in Sydney.

Emcee Karl Stefanovic introduced TA’s CEO Pip Harrison whose topic was “The Next Chapter for Sustainable Growth”.  Speakers throughout the day shared their stories and knowledge on Megatrends, Marketing, Aviation and Accessibility.

It’s been forty (40) years since the famous larrikin Paul ‘Hoges’ Hogan really put Australia on the map to international audiences, particularly the US following his Dundee fame.

Campaigns have followed over the decades, but Australia is still known as one of the friendliest and beautiful countries in the world where our warm Aussie welcome still delivers.

Tourism Australia hosted 60 global events in the past year and is lazer focused on ensuring that visitors choose Australia as one of their three (3) international destinations in the next three (3) years against huge competition from other countries.

TA’s tourism focal points in 2024 are:

  1. There’s a heightened sense of purpose, and connection to community and culture
  2. Premium is being redefined with a focus on wellness and adventure
  3. Changes in the distribution landscape are accelerating
  4. Back of house is coming to the fore, with the continued emergence of agritourism
  5. The growth of the east is there for the taking, as travel closer to home becomes more popular
  6. The lure of influencers continues to captivate travellers to ‘set-jet’ and ‘gig trip’
  7. Preferences for modes of travel continue to shift, with a surge in cruise, and self drive
  8. Business events continue to drive demand and repeat visitation

Skift presented some very interesting stats in regards to emerging markets.  For example, India:

  • India’s middle class grew over 6% per year between 1995 and 2021
  • The middle class now represents 31% of India’s population
  • It is projected to hit 38% by 2031 and 60% by 2047
  • 65% of India’s middle class population is under 35 years old
  • India’s middle class expected to soar to 550 million people by 2025
  • International outbound departures reaching over 50 million by 2030

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