Reusable Cup Trial at Beef Australia – CQShines Hospital Foundation & PFCQ partnership

Beef Australia 2024 will see a partnership between Plastic Free CQ (PFCQ) and CQ Shines Hospital Foundation by way of a reusable cup trial. 

From 7 to 9 am daily CQ Shines Hospital Foundation will be on-site serving hot beverages with a side of donuts in only reusable cups. CQ Shines will be accepting reusable cups and selling their own on-site so if you forget your reusable cup, don’t panic! 

From Glenn Burton of CQShines, “I am glad to be partnering with Plastic Free CQ at Beef Week to deliver the message of good health and environmental sustainability by selling coffee in reusable cups every morning of Beef Week from 7 am to 9 am at the Glamping campgrounds in Anderson Park.”

CQShines Hospital Foundation delivers funding outside of government to enable a range of vital support programs that would otherwise not be available to patients and their families at local public hospitals and community health facilities in Central Queensland. Our community is dispersed, with 228,000 of us living across 117,000 square km of land in our diverse and wonderful region. This spread brings its unique health challenges. Whether you’re in Biloela, The Gemfields, Emerald, Gladstone, Blackwater, Rockhampton, The Capricorn Coast or anywhere in between, CQShines will be supporting vital health services to benefit you and your loved ones. CQShines is partnering with Plastic Free CQ for Beef Week as we are all aware of the plastic pollution problem and more and more, people are concerned and want to see action to reduce single-use plastics in their communities. Every coffee purchased at our Marquee on Beef Week will be in a reusable cup reducing single-use plastics in our community.

PFCQ are currently collecting unneeded and unchipped mugs and cups and keep cups from Community members; we still need more. If you have some hiding in a cupboard and no longer need them, please donate to us by leaving them at Stir & Stitch Yeppoon, Cups & Muffs at CQU or Lure Living Cae. Alternatively, you can DM PFCQ for collection. 

Donated mugs, cups and keep cups will be placed in tubs and can be a “grab & go” system. Bring back or not, doesn’t matter and is free of charge. A mug library and anyone can implement one to guide your customers away from single-use. 

All money raised from coffee, cup and donut sales goes back to the CQ Shines Hospital Foundation. 

PFCQ and CQ Shines thank Zoe and Tash at Beef Australia for seeing our vision and their support. Additionally, our cup collection legends for providing drop-off locations:

Amanda from Stir & Stitch

Amanda from Cups & Muffs ( CQU) 

Izzy from Lure Living

Please support our members. 

PHOTO- Amanda at Stir & Stitch 

PHOTO – Donated Cups

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