Reef Distillers Triumphs at the International Wine and Spirits Competition

Yeppoon’s home-grown organic gin and vodka distillery – Reef Distillers has achieved remarkable success at the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) in London, securing three prestigious awards.  

Their Coral Sea Gin was honored with a Spirit Bronze 2024 Award, while their Pacific Ocean Vodka and Capricorn Rosella Vodka both received Spirit Silver 2024 Awards

This remarkable recognition comes less than a year after Reef Distillers launched their exceptional flavours to the public, highlighting their rapid rise and dedication to excellence.  

Reef Distillers co-founder Laureth Rumble is thrilled with the Award wins, attributing their triumphs to an ongoing focus, enthusiasm and passion from the entire team.  

“Winning these awards at the IWSC is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation in crafting unique spirits that capture the essence of our region,” said Laureth. 

“Our Coral Sea Gin, Pacific Ocean Vodka, and Capricorn Rosella Vodka exemplify Reef Distillers’ mastery in blending distinct local flavors with exceptional craftsmanship, and I am so grateful for our head distiller, Shane for bringing his immense talents to the table.” 

“These accolades not only honor the superior quality of our products but also underscore the distillery’s potential to make a significant mark on the global spirits stage,” said Laureth.  

“We are proud to be sharing the tastes and experiences that make us feel alive, happy and blessed.”  

The IWSC is globally recognised as the most respected wine and spirits community, renowned for its expertise, influence, and personal approach.  

More than just a competition, the IWSC is a comprehensive global network dedicated to championing the finest wines and spirits worldwide.  

The organisation offers extensive business support and fosters a collaborative community where industry leaders and emerging talents share insights and drive growth together. 

Capricorn Enterprise CEO Mary Carroll extends heartfelt congratulations to Reef Distillers for this outstanding achievement.  

“Reef Distillers’ success at the IWSC marks a significant milestone in their journey and sets a promising trajectory for future endeavors,” said Mary.  

“The recognition from such a respected institution affirms their position as a rising star in the spirits industry.” 

“Reef Distillers forms part of the Taste Capricorn Coast food trail, which shares the unique flavours and culinary traditions of the Capricorn Coast destination,” Mary said.  

For more information about Reef Distillers and their award-winning products, visit  

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