This past week we hosted Petra Steinig, Managing Director of The Travel Insiders, an Inbound Tour Operator (ITO) based in Brisbane with a team of six inbound specialists in boutique and personal inbound/incoming tour requests into Australia.

Petra’s 15 years’ experience in accommodation, retail, wholesale and inbound, with retail experience in Europe, positions her perfectly to understand the needs of her international clients; and Europe just happens to be our target international market, so this has been a very important familiarisation visit for our tourism operators.

Having not been to our destination previously, Petra stayed for nearly 5 days, inspecting a number of accommodation operators contracted in tourism trade, including Henderson Park Retreat, Oshen Yeppoon, Salt Yeppoon, Rosslyn Bay Resort,  Great Keppel Island Hideaway, Empire Apartment Hotel and Denison Boutique Hotel.  With her gorgeous 18 month old little girl in train, Petra also enjoyed strolling through our shops and cafes, tasting local treats and trying out the Keppel Kraken on the foreshore in Yeppoon as well as taking in the stunning beauty of Great Keppel Island and it’s various activities.

We also welcomed for a brief visit to Yeppoon and Great Keppel Island, two of our travel agent colleagues all the way from France, during their tour of the east coast of Queensland.  We flew Astrid Alazard and Marianne Hourcade (Comptoir des Voyages travel agency) from Rocky airport to Great Keppel Island on Sunday to meet their tight schedule, staying overnight at GKI Hideaway and enjoying some activities, before they returned to Yeppoon on Monday for a tour, followed by a requested site inspection of Empire Apartment Hotel, then overnight at Henderson Park Retreat, before they headed north.  These lovely ladies have been booking Great Keppel Island Hideaway packages directly, as well as Yeppoon and Rockhampton properties directly out of France for the past year via their Inbound Tour Operator (ITO), Pan Pacific Travel based in Sydney. 

These bookings are thanks to our friend and colleague Denis Pavageau from Pan Pacific Travel who conducts all the retail training for Voyageurs Dumonde in France and he has been promoting Great Keppel Island and our destination since he visited just over a year ago on his own familiarization visit and absolutely fell in love with our home.

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