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Local operators on the Southern Great Barrier Reef, Keppel Dive have successfully achieved their ecotourism certification, aiming to further improve how they deliver their high-quality nature-based tourism experience.

With a primary focus on protecting our ocean, this certified product now assures travellers choosing to snorkel or SCUBA throughout our beautiful underwater world that they are doing so with staff whose commitment is focussed on sustainable practices and a dedication to marine conservation and education.

Whilst Keppel Dive is currently closed amid the COVID-19 crisis, they are looking forward to the day that they can welcome many visitors from far and wide to our region again to experience the magnificent southern end of the Reef.

Joining other already Eco-certified operators in our Capricorn region including Pumpkin Island and Capricorn Caves, Keppel Dive is going above and beyond in its commitment to the environment.

“Our team are passionate about the ocean and we are proud to share that information through our services, inspiring our snorkellers and divers to become ambassadors for our natural and wonderful habitat,” said Lyndsay Appleton, owner Keppel Dive.

“There continues to be an upward trend in the tourism industry towards sustainability and we want every person who spends time with us to leave with a greater understanding and become champions of the conservation cause.”

Eco-tourism Australia’s Advanced Ecotourism Certificate is the highest possible certification, reserved for innovative ecotourism operators committed to minimising environmental impact, providing opportunities to learn about the environment, using resources wisely, contributing to conservation initiatives, and helping local communities.

The top-class snorkel and dive adventure are also fortunate to have a Master Reef Guide on board, who is a leading interpreter and storyteller, sharing the wonders of our World Heritage Area.

Sam Appleton completed his Master Reef Guide training back in February and is now working to ensure a world-class representation of the Reef, its values and the management in place to protect those values.

“Our modern-day tourist doesn’t just want to see, they want to understand and learn about one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world,” said Sam.

Enhancing his abilities as a guide, along with accessing the latest science and information, Sam is proud to be able to pass his knowledge on to his staff and guests, boosting the experience for all visitors to the region.

“Our goal at Keppel Dive is to showcase our local Keppels as one of the most pristine and underrated reefs,” said Sam. “We all have a role to play in preserving and presenting our Reef’s colourful past, present and future.”

Freedom Fast Cats, who operate five ferries and two glass bottom boats within the Keppels is awaiting finalisation of their eco-certification, bringing our total number of operators holding this credible endorsement to four!

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