New Livingstone Shire Council electives officially sworn in at declaration of office

With the Livingstone polls now declared the new Livingstone Shire Council conducted its Declaration of Office meeting where Mayor Andy Ireland and the six elected Councillors were officially sworn in.

The six Councillors are re-elected members Glenda Mather, Nigel Hutton, Pat Eastwood and Adam Belot, who are joined by newly elected members Tanya Lynch and Andrea Friend.

While it is Mayor Ireland’s first time in the role of Mayor for Livingstone, it is not his first time in a leadership role within the organisation, having served as CEO in 2014 and Director in 2013.

Declaration of Office….From left, Councillor Glenda Mather, Cr Adam Belot, Mayor Andy Ireland, Cr Tanya Lynch, Cr Nigel Hutton, Cr Pat Eastwood and Cr Andrea Friend have been elected to represent Livingstone Shire Council following the 2020 Local Government elections.

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