May’s full moon set to cast a positive shadow

On the eve of our next full moon (7th May 2020), Fern’s Hideaway Resort’s resident muso, John Martin has performed an exceptionally significant cover of Cat Stevens ‘Moonshadow’, providing a message of hope as our region begins to see some glimmer of light for our future.

Although the COVID-19 calamity has temporarily trounced his iconic, long-standing resort, the virus’s force has been unable to defeat the passion and positivity of Byfield’s popular ‘Marto’.

Accepting a challenge thrown out by Capricorn Enterprise to perform an impromptu and meaningful song that signifies hope for the community, Marto could not go past the 1970 classic which tells a powerful story relatable to the entire world during this time.

Dealing with his own personal tuberculosis pandemic at the time, singer-songwriter, Cat Stevens wrote ‘Moonshadow’ about finding hope in any situation and being present and joyful. His lyrics were about seeing life as it is, right now, and not comparing it to others’ lives, or other times in your life.

His compelling literature promoted the fact that every moment in life is rich and unique; whether we are aware of it or not and we are always leaping and hopping on a moonshadow – the inescapable present moment.

As we find ourselves on the world’s emotionally challenging rollercoaster, the relevance of this single reminds us to re-focus on the richness of life as it is, rather than being wrapped up in our whirlpools of worry and concern about what could be, or what has been.

Perched happily on stage in his favourite place, surrounded by mementos of his musical inspiration and memories, Marto looks forward to the day that Fern’s Hideaway is once again filled with friendly and familiar faces.

“We are certainly missing our regular contact with locals and visitors to the region and being able to show off our special part of the world,” said Marto.

“But it’s through the tough times that our community becomes an even stronger force and we need to continue supporting each other and remaining hopeful that every day is another step forward.”

Capricorn Enterprise Marketing Executive Krista Brown found herself with goose bumps filming Marto’s performance.

“The sign of a true professional is when you put them on the spot to perform a song with a short brief of something meaningful but upbeat and within minutes they are providing a raw, heartfelt rendition of a well-known classic that is so pertinent for us all at the moment,” said Krista.

“It was such a beautiful performance. I have always loved the song but right now, the lyrics are particularly significant.”

To watch Marto’s special performance, click on the link below…

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