Have your say on Stanwell’s proposed hydrogen demonstration plant

Stanwell is investigating the potential for a 10 MW hydrogen electrolysis plant located at Stanwell Power Station, near Rockhampton.

If built, the hydrogen plant would be the first large-scale electrolyser in Queensland and could facilitate the development of a Central Queensland hydrogen industry, including the local manufacture of hydrogen industry components.

Stanwell will purchase renewable energy from projects in the region to deliver a carbon neutral, green hydrogen product. The green hydrogen produced would be trucked to end-use customers such as ammonia and gas producers in the region.

We want to know what you think about Stanwell’s proposed hydrogen project and what it could mean for you and the region. It is important to us that we seek your views in a way that suits you and that you have the information needed to contribute and understand how your feedback will be used.

Stanwell in partnership with Deloitte Access Economics is undertaking community consultation on the proposed hydrogen project. To ensure your safety and health during COVID-19, you can share your feedback by completing this short survey – it will take less than ten minutes for you to review the information and provide your answers. To review the consultation information and complete the survey, please click here.

This is your chance to share your voice and shape the direction of the project. The data collected will inform Stanwell’s feasibility study, risk assessment and stakeholder engagement strategy for any future phases of the project. Any information collected will be reported and published at an aggregate thematic level to ensure that your responses cannot be individually identified.

For more information on Stanwell’s hydrogen project visit the Stanwell website or contact hydrogen@Stanwell.com.

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