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Three months ago, the tourism industry was forced to hit the pause button on planned marketing activities, as the COVID-19 pandemic presented a tremendous negative effect on our local and regional economy.

As one of the first industries to feel the impacts of adversity, tourism operators within the region spent each day battling to keep their businesses afloat, staff employed, and future hope instilled for their operations and products.

During this time, Capricorn Enterprise worked tirelessly with local operators to communicate facts, provide steady guidance and encourage a positive focus on a dynamic, resilient and successful industry that would eventually recover.

Above and beyond consistent support and assistance to the sector, a localised multi-media recovery campaign was rolled out, delivering a plea from Capricorn Coast and Rockhampton businesses and instilling much needed hope in the struggling industry.

Book Now. Holiday Soon. Support Local. It’s time to start planning your ‘backyard bucket list’! Embrace the serene, wide open spaces right on your doorstep. ????????⛺ Our regional tourism industry is ready and can’t wait to welcome you.

Posted by Visit Capricorn on Monday, 11 May 2020

Part one of the inspirational campaign reached more than 82,000 people on social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram) and was delivered to television viewers across multiple stations 1048 times via a 30-second commercial.

With a new phase in the pandemic upon us, the team at Capricorn Enterprise now have their sights set on further rebuilding morale and boosting awareness of our beautiful backyard, enticing the 400-kilometre drive radius to holiday here.

“In a time of hope, recovery is taking different shapes as businesses reopen in different ways and at different speeds. We have adapted and evolved as required with our operators needs and will continue to do so as we travel this long road to recovery,” Mary said.

Over the last weekend, several local businesses reported an increase of phone calls, a steady flow of future bookings, and cancelled/postponed visits being rescheduled.

Following these positive reports, Capricorn Enterprise has secured a further 982 spots of television and radio advertising over the next three weeks, along with a mailbox drop of 5000 Capricorn Coast Visitor Guides to key localities including Gladstone, Tannum Sands and Emerald, aligning with and supporting Tourism and Events Queensland’s (TEQ) freshly launched, multi-million dollar ‘Good to Go’ campaign, focussed on domestic marketing.

“Over the coming months, domestic travel will be a lifeline for the industry, which is why our 13 strong Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO) network, together with our State Government colleagues, are working in unison to create a powerful outcome for the sector,” Mary said.

In what is set to be a ‘world of noise’ as regions, states/territories, and the nation fight to recoup visitors and holiday makers, Queensland tourism leaders have chosen a path of collaboration, acknowledging that partnerships will be key to ensuring the best bang for buck.

The funds allocated to supporting domestic tourism have never been greater with $7million already invested into domestic activity which includes the current ‘Good to Go’ campaign, with $4million specifically targeting all 13 Queensland regions, further boosting the sector throughout the new financial year.

“Working as a collective and standing as a unified pillar of resilient leadership during this time will ensure we come out of the crisis faster and with a stronger state-wide tourism industry. Alone, we all work with shoestring budgets, but as a cohesive body, we are certain to get the best bang for our buck as marketing efforts ramp up across the nation,” Mary said.

Featuring the friendly faces of local talent, Busby Marou, and with a major focus on driving intrastate tourism, TEQ’s ‘Good to Go’ campaign will leverage on the State’s RTO network and encourage Queenslanders in all regions to get outside, immerse themselves in our natural wonders, and reconnect with those closest to them.

“Now more than ever, we appreciate the collaborative and supportive nature of our tourism industry and look forward to working with our colleagues and local businesses to implement the ‘Good to Go’ branding across our marketing platforms.”

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