Rookwood water tenders to support good farming jobs in CQ

Central Queensland farmers will be able to bid for water from the $367.2 million Rookwood Weir, with online tenders officially open from today.

Federal Minister for the Environment and Water Tanya Plibersek said the second tranche of water licenses was now available from the weir, which is currently under construction west of Rockhampton.

The Australian Government is committed to improving water supply with over $2 billion in water infrastructure projects for communities and industry across the country.

The Rookwood Weir project will ensure a secure future for water in Central Queensland, supporting farmers and agriculture, and also town water supplies. 

Landholders located along the Lower Fitzroy River system can take part in this water tender, which provides a great opportunity for them to sustainably diversify and expand their farming activities with 50 per cent of water from the weir to be allocated to agricultural use.

Local growers are encouraged to put their hand up for the new water to help expand and improve their businesses, or transition to high-value crops with flow-on benefits for the broader community and a boost to the agricultural sector.

The second tender makes available 7500 megalitres of medium priority water in lots from 10 megalitres up to 500 megalitres for agricultural and non-urban use.

It closes at 2pm on 3 February 2023 with bids to be submitted via the Queensland Government’s QTenders website.

The second tender follows the successful completion of the first stage of the process in December 2020, which provided an allocation of 30,000 megalitres.

The water will benefit landholders planning commercial cropping, such as grains, as well as tree crops, such as dragon fruits and macadamias. It will also support livestock production.

Sunwater CEO Glenn Stockton said the Rookwood workforce was making good progress on the weir’s construction, with the total planned volume of concrete to be poured approaching 50 per cent.

“We are working around the clock to do as much as we can ahead of the wet season,” he said. “The first water from Rookwood Weir is on track to be available in late 2023, following the full commissioning of the infrastructure.”

Rookwood Weir is jointly funded by the Queensland and Australian governments, delivered in partnership with Sunwater.

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