High Valley Dawn Permaculture Farm Partners with Great Barrier Reef Foundation for Youth Leadership Program

Committed to the fundamental permaculture principles of Earth care, people care, and fair share, the Capricorn Coast’s Advanced Eco-Tourism operator High Valley Dawn Permaculture Farm has established itself as a distinguished model of sustainability.

In an exciting partnership with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation (GBRF), High Valley Dawn Permaculture Farm is proud to be taking part in a groundbreaking Youth Leadership Program for schools and youth organisations.

This innovative program provides immersive and practical experiences for young people, focusing on regenerative agriculture, carbon sequestration, bush tucker plant varieties, and land care for Reef protection.

This initiative is part of GBRF’s Community Action Plan Program, which aims to foster community involvement in protecting and preserving the Great Barrier Reef.

Since its inception in March this year, the program has engaged more than 530 students from 11 schools and youth organisations including North Rockhampton High School, Fitzroy Basin Association, Livingstone Shire Council School Holiday Program, Heights College, St Brendan’s College, Emmaus College, St Ursula’s College, Cathedral College, Glenmore State High School, Level Up Program and EF Cultural Tours.

The Youth Leadership Program aims to equip young people with the knowledge and skills necessary to become effective environmental stewards and advocates for reef conservation.

Visionary owner of High Valley Dawn Permaculture Farm, Ross O’Reilly, passionately believes in the power of hands-on, transformative, nature-based education.

“Participants engage in a comprehensive tour of High Valley Dawn’s gardens, orchards, food forests, and animal systems, with detailed explanations of the farm’s sustainability features and practices,” Ross said.

“Education on safeguarding our planet is essential, and through these immersive experiences, young people connect with nature and learn practical ways to contribute to a sustainable future.”

“The Farm serves as a living classroom where the natural environment becomes the backdrop for learning and exploration,” Ross said. 

“By delivering our permaculture principles in a fun, heartfelt way, we find that the learnings resonate more deeply with our young visitors.”

Key objectives of the program include:

– Understanding the ecological interconnectivity and the importance of healthy ecosystems like the Great Barrier Reef.

– Promoting sustainable living practices that benefit the Reef.

– Educating youth on how to minimise human impact, protect sensitive ecosystems, and promote biodiversity.

– Empowering youth to take action and inspire others to protect the Reef, as well as becoming informed advocates for policy change.

To further solidify their learning and involvement, students and their families are invited back to the Farm for an Open Day in November. This event will allow them to observe the growth of the trees they planted and share their project learnings with their families.

Capricorn Enterprise CEO Mary Carroll congratulates High Valley Dawn on this successful program, which continues to inspire a generation to care for themselves, their communities, and the environment.

“High Valley Dawn Permaculture Farm has always been the pinnacle of environmental stewardship and is now further playing a crucial role in shaping the future of our children, ensuring they grow into informed and compassionate individuals who are conscious about looking after the natural world,” Mary said.

View the Community Case Study for the Capricorn Coast here – https://www.barrierreef.org/uploads/CAP-Community-Case-Study-Capricorn-Coast-final.pdf

For more information about High Valley Dawn Permaculture Farm’s Youth Leadership Program visit https://www.highvalleydawn.com.au/.

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