Focusing on the Digital Economy

  1. Support the Capricorn Coast’s Digital Strategy
  2. Support the Rockhampton Region’s Smart City Initiative

Livingstone Shire Council: Capricorn Coast Smart Region Strategy

The Capricorn Coast Smart Region Strategy aims to help achieve economic growth powered by digital innovation. The Smart Region Strategy’s vision is:

The Capricorn Coast Smart Region Strategy will support local economic development, liveability and sustainability in both the community and within Council to be future focused, innovative, efficient and engaged.

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Rockhampton Regional Council: Smart Regional Centre Strategy

Smart City technologies have been used around the world to assist governments and businesses to make better, targeted decisions. In the Rockhampton Regional Council area these technologies include free Wi-Fi in designated spaces, new smart CCTV cameras, smart billboards, the Smart Hub and more. Initiative included in Council’s Strategy are expected to create jobs, grow local business, increase public safety, grow the population and increase the use of underutilised areas.

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