Southern Great Barrier Reef Sandstone Stories – Contestable Grant Project 2015/16

Capricorn Enterprise is proud to be a partner with Gladstone Area Promotion Development Limited (GAPDL) and Bundaberg North Burnett Tourism (BNBT), our two neighbouring Regional Tourist Organisations (RTO) in promoting the Southern Great Barrier Reef (SGBR) destination brand with Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ).

RTO Contestable Grants for 2015/16 have recently been announced by Tourism Minister Kate Jones, with the SGBR Sandstone Stories project approved ($55,000 total project), being led by GAPDL, with partner funds from Capricorn Enterprise and BNBT, as well as local government funding partners Central Highlands Regional Council (CHRC) and Banana Shire Council.

SGBR Sandstone Stories will leverage off the success of the SGBR destination brand to build awareness of and link in the regions hinterland and inland experiences to drive visitation and overnight visitor expenditure.  It will integrate content and imagery of this beautiful part of the destination (including Carnarvon Gorge, Blackdown Tablelands, Cania Gorge) into our existing multi-media marketing collateral and is the next stage in our collaboration, with Capricorn Enterprise having led the last few years of SGBR Contestable Grants on behalf of our marketing alliance.

Capricorn Enterprise led the SGBR PROJECT 2020 Contestable Grant Project in 2014/15 (total $190,000) which focussed predominantly on the creation of social media channels and upgrading the SGBR website, as well as the creation of a new SGBR Touring Guide.  The results have been astonishing with over 15,000 new acquisitions achieved in our social media channels (SGBR Facebook and Instagram) in nine (9) months to June 2015 and a 2,584% increase in total unique visitors to , with 54% of SGBR Facebook referrals leading to the SGBR website.

The “Southern Great Barrier Reef” marketing alliance was formulated in November 2011 by a considered strategic collaboration between three RTO’s, Capricorn Enterprise, GAPDL and BNBT.

Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) agreed that the “Southern Great Barrier Reef” had the potential to become a strong ‘new’ destination brand which would better support and market the tourism offerings within the three ‘administrative’ boundaries of the Capricorn, Gladstone and Bundaberg/North Burnett regions.

Capricorn Enterprise has led the following SGBR co-operative state government marketing grants on behalf of our RTO partners.

  • Regional Network Grant $122,500 in 2010/11, finalised in 2011/12
  • SGBR Integrated Marketing Plan Contestable Grant Project $170,000 in 2012/13
  • SGBR NZ Trade Missions in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
  • SGBR PROJECT 2020 Contestable Grant Project $190,000 in 2014/15

Supporting the regional tourism partnership, the first TEQ Southern Great Barrier Reef marketing campaign was launched in Brisbane by former State Tourism Minister Jann Stuckey on the 23rd May 2013, which was part of a $600,000 investment into developing and establishing the destination brand.  TEQ continued its investment of $450,000 in both 2013/14 and 2014/15 for an annual multi-media SGBR marketing campaign predominantly targeting Brisbane and south east Queensland for a total of four (4) weeks per year.

In the coming 2015/16 year, whilst GAPDL will lead the SGBR Sandstone Stories project ($55,000), Capricorn Enterprise will lead the next phase of the Social Media strategy ($90,000 total) on behalf of the three RTO’s ($30,000 each), as well as the New Zealand Trade Mission.  BNBT will lead the Sydney Sales mission and annual Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE).

Modest funds for marketing campaigns and strategies can achieve fantastic results through collaboration and partnerships.  Capricorn Enterprise, on behalf of the SGBR partners, has this year submitted a nomination in the Qld Tourism Awards for SGBR PROJECT 2020.

Until next time….

Mary Carroll, CEO Capricorn Enterprise

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