Capricorn Enterprise Host Visit by State Director, Dept of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ms Alison Carrington

The Board of Capricorn Enterprise yesterday hosted a visit to the region by State Director of DFAT Ms Alison Carrington.

The primary objectives of the visit was twofold – firstly regional familiarisation, and secondly to understand the export potential and support requirements for the region to take a proactive role in export trade that new both existing and new Free Trade Agreements (FTA’s) enabled.

With a global affiliation for Australian produce, there is high demand for a wide variety of product such as meats (red and white), fruit and vegetables (fresh and processed), cereals, dairy produce – plus a variety of specialised services including mining, construction, health and education.

Discussion centred on the opportunities that were evident with the Growing Central Queensland Project (Agribusiness) progressing, advancing Northern Australia projects and programs especially for trade with southern Asia  – and importantly gaining international status for the Rockhampton Airport that would allow “two-way” export trade across the globe. It was acknowledged that whilst new Free Trade Agreements provided huge opportunity for Australian exporters – risk management was a key component for exporters to consider in their overall strategy.

The development of sustainable export markets was key to many producers and their affiliated Associations with a suggestion that DFAT offer support to smaller co-operatives and associations to advance their export potential and developing sustainable global markets.

DFAT provide assistance for existing and prospective export business – visit for further detail.

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