Rockhampton Region’s arts and heritage comes alive with the launch of innovative RACHEL app

Available on app stores now, RACHEL is the Rockhampton Art, Culture & Heritage Experience Locator – a virtual museum and tour guide developed to promote the Regions heritage and arts through an interactive experience.  

RACHEL will guide users through our local history in a fun and interactive way with the ability to add stories, create tours and share favourite buildings or art pieces through social media. 

Rockhampton Region Mayor Margaret Strelow welcomes the launch of the new app, saying it will greatly enhance heritage tourism for the Region, one of the most rapidly expanding tourism segments in terms of visitor numbers globally. 

“Our rich heritage has contributed to what our city is today, and the buildings are a living reminder of this history.” 

“Having this new interactive platform will allow a wider audience to engage between generations and further instil pride in our region and its history,” Mayor Strelow said. 

Manager of Regional Promotions Sarah Reeves said that RACHEL is one of the most innovative and exciting promotional tools to have come out of Rockhampton, with ‘her’ capability really only limited by imagination. 

“RACHEL turns a history lesson into an entertaining and informative experience, tailored for individual user experience based on personal interest.” 

“Learn the stories behind our beautiful heritage buildings, churches and bridges from around the Region, or take a themed tour and let RACHEL guide you through the rest,” she said.

RACHEL also promotes surrounding businesses and events using geo locater technology that feeds directly from the website. 

“All a café, attraction or event has to do to receive free promotion is ensure their listing is up to date on the website – also completely free. 

“Not every building has been listed – we are encouraging residents to check out the app and share information. 

“It’s a great way to promote tourism, but also a way for the community to share its collective knowledge and experience,’ Ms Reeves said. 

The next stage of the app will activate ‘pop-up’ information from 100 locator beacons that are moveable and can change information – giving an additional promotional platform for businesses and events. 

The free download is available on both Apple and android devices, the project a result of collaboration between the Regional Promotions Unit, local web developers and historians to create a digital platform for the Regions heritage tourism.

To download RACHEL click the following links:



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