Emu Park businesses have come to the rescue for stranded backpackers travelling north.

 Emus Beach Resort at Emu Park on the Capricorn Coast is overflowing with backpackers unable to head further north.

Paul and Mandy Neubecker are run off their feet but happy to be keeping their international guests occupied in our destination!


Paul Neubecker said “At the moment we are basically overflowing with a backlog of Backpackers that are unable to go any further north. While we are doing everything within our power to keep them updated with information and things to do, Drakes IGA in Emu Park have made a great offer to help make these people feel like they are not being forgotten.”


“Drakes have offered to sponsor a Free BBQ Dinner tonight for all affected by this severe weather event to the north.  We have backpackers that arrived last Saturday and another group that arrived on Monday, and some more last night, that can’t leave until Friday night at the earliest. If these people are unable to leave in the next two days we will be forced to find more accommodation in Emu Park as the numbers continue to stack up.” he said.


Capricorn Enterprise chief executive officer Mary Carroll said “there’s no doubt about our fantastic local operators, ready to help visitors during rain, hail or shine.  I sincerely thank Emus Beach Resort and Drake IGA at Emu Park for turning what could be a very frustrating time for travelers, into a warm Capricorn Coast welcome.”


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