Our newest attraction is our biggest – literally!

Besides beaches and blue water, Great Keppel has another GREAT attraction – whales!

Both local Keppel Island ferry companies now hold Whale Watching permits. This provides many great opportunities for all local operators to leverage off the popularity of these gentle ocean giants. Visitors enjoying whale watching may choose to extend their stay with an overnight on the Capricorn Coast or Rockhampton.

The Tourism Marketing team at Capricorn Enterprise are driving social media content to leverage “whales and more” with a content calendar promoting many complementary activities. The aim is to encourage visitors who are coming to see the whales, to also stay, shop, dine and more.

There are several places along Queensland’s coastline that you could expect to see whales. What’s unique to the Capricorn Coast is we can provide visitors with the experience of whale watching without the hustle and bustle of some of the larger tourist destinations. Whale Watching in Keppel Bay also provides visitors with the opportunity to witness these majestic giants against a truly spectacular backdrop. The Capricorn Coast offers the chance to watch whales with clear turquoise waters and unspoilt, white sandy beaches to frame the view.

While there is nothing like an up-close and personal experience with a whale, Capricorn Coast also has many easily accessible land based whale watching opportunities. There are many vantage points along the Capricorn Coast to enjoy the show including look-outs, coastal headlands and man-made vantage points such as beachfront buildings which act as a kind of grandstand to view the humpback’s play. All of which offers land based businesses the chance to capitalise on the additional spend of whale watching visitors to our region.

Whale watching season is July to September. Both Keppel Konnections and Freedom Fast Cats will commence Whale Watching Tours in the next few days.

Keppel Konnections
• Operates Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
• Morning 11am – 2pm
• Afternoon 3pm – 6pm
Click for more info: http://www.keppelkonnections.com.au/whale-watching-keppel-bay

Freedom Fast Cats
• Operators Monday to Saturday
• Morning 8.30am – 11.30am
• Afternoon 1pm – 4pm
Click for more info: https://freedomfastcats.com/cruises/whale-watching/


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