The Great Barrier Reef nominated in national search for ‘7 wonders of Australia’

The Great Barrier Reef has been nominated in a nation-wide voting initiative to determine the ‘7 Wonders of Australia’, with tens of thousands of Aussies expected to vote in what is set to be Australia’s largest-ever online travel poll.

Last Friday, Experience Oz joined Capricorn Enterprise to encourage people to vote for the Great Barrier Reef, shed light on the importance of domestic travel and conservation of our wonders.

Led by the country’s largest provider for travel experiences, Experience Oz, the ‘7 Wonders of Australia’ campaign asks Australians of voting age to select from a shortlist of 50 iconic Australian natural sites, landmarks and architectural icons submitted by state and regional tourism organisations from across the country.

In what is the first domestic campaign of its kind and anticipated to be the largest in the country, the poll aims to reinforce Australia’s majestic sites as some of the best on the planet, encourage domestic travellers to explore the best of their backyard, and highlight conservation and environmental issues in a bid to encourage people to contribute to help preserve them.

Over the next three months, Aussies will have the opportunity to make history and vote for the ‘7 Wonders of Australia’, with nominees including the Blue Mountains, Lord Howe Island, Port Arthur Historic Site, Wave Rock, Fraser Island, Sydney Opera House, Uluru, the Shrine of Remembrance and more.

The wonders will be selected based on a comprehensive criterion, which considers the level of recognition, natural, architectural or cultural value, desirability and aspiration, rarity and uniqueness and tourism value of the wonder.

We need everyone to get behind this campaign and vote for the Great Barrier Reef! – go to

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