Kerrie-Anne Frakes, Executive Director Strategy, Transformation and Allied Health, CQ Hospital and Health Service District

As part of the 2019 Capricorn Enterprise Major Projects Forum, we were privileged to welcome Kerrie-Anne Frakes, Executive Director Strategy Transformation and Allied Health, CQ Hospital and Health Service District.

Kerrie-Anne has an extensive history in developing and implementing innovative Models of Care delivering transformational service changes and improved health outcomes for Central Queenslanders. She has won state and national awards for innovative models of care and has an extensive publication history in Chronic Disease Management and Service Delivery. Kerrie-Anne is passionate about regional and rural community capacity with a focus on workforce sustainability and care for patients closer to home.

Kerrie-Anne acknowledged the importance of the Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service as the largest employer in Rockhampton and the largest non-resource employer in CQ.

With the service meeting community demand currently, they are proactively anticipating the future demand with:

  • 77% increase in older population
  • 40% higher rates of smoking than the rest of Qld
  • 20% higher prevalence of obesity than the rest of Qld
  • 15% higher rates of high-risk alcohol consumption than the rest of Qld
  • ~3-4% increase in annual prevalence of mental and behavioural health issues nationally.

As outlined by Kerrie-Anne, $103 million of projects are underway or have been completed in the region. Additionally, the CQHHS have identified their top 10 priority projects valuing $707 million to support the future delivery of contemporary care. These future developments will require increased investment in staff and materials.

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