Feeling Good in the Capricorn Region

Over the past weeks, The Feel Good Family social media storytellers comprising Paul, Katie and Jasper have been blown away by our destination as they adventured in their caravan across Carnarvon Gorge, Lake Maraboon, Sapphire Gemfields, Rockhampton, Capricorn Caves, Capricorn Coast and Great Keppel Island.

With backgrounds in media and entertainment, Paul and Katie are ambassadors for the National Trust of Australia (Queensland) and Coromal Caravans. Their partnership reach is over 120,000 people each month.  Having packed up and hitched- up the caravan they’re off on a journey as a travelling family capturing their experiences along the way. Each week there’s a new destination video https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzMXNngxgfuwpxqFQsj6xPg along with weekly travel blog, social media posts and magazine submissions.

Kicking off at Carnarvon Gorge National Park, the family described their experience as ‘breathtakingly spectacular’ as they took in the beauty of the natural landscapes and Aboriginal art.

Bunking down at Takarakka Bush Resort, three-year old Jasper was absolutely thrilled to spot a platypus and echidna waddling through the campsites! Check out their adventures here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jfqUJPMk5o

Following a relaxing stay in our Sandstone Wilderness, the trio took a scenic journey to Lake Maraboon, where they enjoyed the friendly hospitality of locals, while Paul proudly brought home the delicious red claw for dinner that he had caught earlier.

The family tried their luck fossicking for gems at Rubyvale in the Central Highlands and later soaked up some history of Emerald with a tour of Miners Heritage walk-in mine. See their highlights here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJTD9HKKQK4

‘All aboard’ the Feel Good caravan to the beef capital, Rockhampton where Paul, Katie and Jasper parked up at Discovery Parks for a few nights. Jasper was in his element exploring the joy of Kershaw Gardens while the big kids (Paul and Katie) even tested their skill on the flying fox!

With a visit to Mt Hay Gemstone Tourist Park, pick in one hand and bucket of water in the other, it was time to get dirty and fossick for some Thunder Eggs.

Alyssah (Capricorn Enterprise), Jasper, Paul & Katie (The Feel Good Family) & Kerry (Capricorn Enterprise)

Their next exploration was at the Capricorn Caves where they discovered the beauty of the limestone caves on a Cathedral and Adventure cave tour. Check out their cave-raving fun here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MF-lY1CU93o

When the ocean began calling, The Feel Good Family headed to Discovery Parks Coolwaters Yeppoon.

They slipped back to Rockhampton (the beauty of this 40 minute drive!) to join in the fun at Archer Park Rail Museum family fun day where train enthusiast Jasper got to ride the Purrey Steam Tram…several times, before returning to get some sand between their toes.

Impressed by the Yeppoon Lagoon and Keppel Kraken overlooking the beautiful Keppel Islands in the Southern Great Barrier Reef, the crew took some well-earned R&R to reconnect with each other and enjoy their surroundings.

Boarding Keppel Konnections, they headed to our slice of paradise, Great Keppel Island, staying at Great Keppel Island Holiday Village and meeting the fabulous Geoff Mercer who shared his insights and pride of this special patch. 

Donning the snorkel and flippers, Jasper’s sensors switched to overdrive as he experienced his very first snorkel lesson in the clear Keppel Bay waters. See his magical encounters here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSgWN4oLq_w

Their journey was to next take them north up the coast, but they fell in love with the Great Keppel Island and the Capricorn Coast so much that they extended their stay, and managed to savour their time even longer with an award winning breakfast at  The Waterline Restaurant – which was a win-win as Jasper gasped at the hundreds of boats lining the Keppel Bay Marina.

The Feel Good Family loved the region so much they vowed to be back, and we look forward to welcoming them again on their next family holiday!

Katie, Jasper (The Feel Good Family), Heather (Capricorn Enterprise) & Paul (The Feel Good Family)

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